Survey Of R&D Status Of Telecom Carriers, Telecom Equipment Vendors And GAFAM


Our client wanted to understand the R&D status and R&D activities of its competitors. The client wants to formulate their business strategies and R&D policies and plan allocation of management resources. For this purpose the client wants to conduct interviews with telecom carrier companies, telecom equipment vendors and GAFAM companies.


For each of the target companies we provided the following information:
• Company information
• Organization structure
• Insights On Ongoing Research Activities Across The Company (This Information Will Be Provided On Best-efforts Basis)
• In-depth Analysis On Any Research Related To Telecommunications (This Information Will Be Provided On Best-efforts Basis)
• R&D Expenditure
• Trends In R&D Expenditure
• Ratio Of R&D Expenditure To Sales, 2018-2022
• Other relevant information


We conducted preliminary secondary research through public and paid secondary websites such as Company Websites Of Target Telecom Carriers, Equipment Vendor Companies And GAFAM, Press Releases, Domain-specific Websites Such As International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and others
We conducted interviews with the following types of respondents:
• Research And Development Personnel
• R&D Managers And Heads
• Directors
• Research Associates
• Cloud Network Associates
• Other Senior Executives Of R&D

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very happy and satisfied with the custom report