Survey Of Low-Power And Low-Latency Technologies For Optical Communications


Our client is a Japanese telecom company. The client wants to understand the current status and future potential of the high-speed and large capacity communication technologies that utilize innovative technologies for improving optical communication. The scope of the study is as follows:
• Technology Requirements And Use Cases For Low Power Consumption And Low Latency
• Other Technology Trends Including SDGs And Telecommunication Carriers
• Latest Technology Trends (Advanced Technologies) To Achieve Low Power Consumption And Low Latency
• Forums And Standardization Trends Related To Low Power Consumption And Low Latency, Such As IOWN


For each of the target companies we provided the following information:
• Analysis on technology requirements and use cases for low power and low latency from companies such as verizon, AT&T, orange, telefonica, GAFA and others
• Latest vendor and academic trends to understand the technology requirements for APN, optoelectronic fusion devices and other technologies
• Current status of IOWN global forum, its internal structure and momentum status
• External dissemination of research related to the IOWN concept
• External dissemination of research related to the IOWN concept and reactions of overseas vendors and overseas carriers


Secondary research:
• Company websites of Verizon, AT&T, BT, Orange and others
• Associations such as International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) and others

Primary Research:
• Technical consultants
• Senior engineers
• Managers and Directors
• Presidents and vice presidents
• Head of the departments

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client is highly satisfied with the study and this custom report helped the client to plan future business strategies