Online Luxury Pen Sales


The client wanted us to do a market research study the Online luxury pen sales in order to understand the:
• Online and offline luxury pen revenue
• Five major E-commerce sites with largest luxury pen revenue
• Revenue ranking and share of five major E-commerce sites
• Online and offline luxury pen user share
• List of 20 countries with highest online luxury pen sales


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including:
• Online revenue of luxury pens
• Offline revenue of luxury pens
• Market share of online purchased luxury pen users such as students, professionals, and others
• List of five major e-commerce sites with the largest luxury pen revenue, market share, and revenue ranking
• List of 20 countries with largest online sales of luxury pens


We used the following secondary and primary sources to gather the required information:
Secondary research
• Company websites of luxury pen manufacturers
• Websites of E-commerce companies
• Annul reports and other filings , E-commerce websites, press releases
• Domain-specific websites company registries in each country
• Articles and blogs, other public and paid secondary sources
Primary research
• Sales managers
• Business development executives
• Presidents and vice-presidents
• Industry Experts

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the report as it met their requirement of understanding the major countries with online luxury pen sales to plan future business strategies.