Market Study On Sterile And Protective Clothing


The client wants to conduct a market study to understand the sterile and protective clothing market to plan future business strategies. For this purpose the client wanted us to analyse the:
• Market analysis
• Competitive landscape
• Insights on procurement
• Comparison and consideration of disposable and reusable sterile and protective clothing
• Target Geographies: USA, Europe, China, and Japan


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including:
• Market sizing and market trends
• Segmentation by sector, by product type, by end-users, by regions and countries, and others
• Top-5 competitors and their product portfolio
• Product strengths and weakness
• Sales value and sales volume by countries
• The reason why the customer selects the specific products. VOC (limited to Japan)
• Reusable clothing: Purchase cost, inventory control cost, availability of re-sterilization, if available: insights on transportation and administrative expenses, and others
• Single use clothing


We used the following secondary and primary sources to gather the required information:
Secondary research
• Company websites of sterile and protective clothing manufacturers
• Annual reports and other filings
• Investor/business presentations
• Associations such as National Council Of Textile Organizations (NCTO), International Society For Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and others
• Databases such as PoLyinfo
• Other public and paid secondary sources
Primary research
• Procurement managers
• Inventory control executives
• Administration department heads
• Other senior executives

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the report as it gave a comprehensive understanding of the sterile and protective clothing market in USA, Europe, China and Japan allowing the client to capitalize on opportunities and minimizing threats.