Benchmark Analysis Of Materials Manufacturing Companies


The client wanted us to carry out a benchmark analysis of major material manufacturers and understand the:
• Reasons for successful transformation of product portfolio of the companies in order to improve the client’s product portfolio by acquisition/divesting or other business strategies based on the insights obtained through the research
• Global companies having material business sectors close to the client
• Target Sectors such as Resins, Polymers, Fibers , and Thermoplastics


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including:
• Building a list of material companies that have transformed their business portfolio
• Benchmark analysis of material companies to understand the key success factors of portfolio management
• List of top-5 companies
• Analysis of the Market cap, Revenue/market share in each business sector, and Location of factories and headquarters


We used the following secondary and primary sources to gather the required information:
Secondary research
• Websites of material manufacturing companies , and Catalogues and brochures
• Polymer associations Asian Polymer Association, Plastic Manufacturers Associations, Polyurethane Manufacturers Association and others
• IR materials of companies such as annual reports/other filings of the target companies, Investor/business presentations, and other relevant sources found during the study
Primary research
• Cxos Of Target Companies
• Directors
• Presidents/Vice-presidents
• Chief Compliance Officers
• Other Senior Personnel

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the report as it met their requirement of identify growth opportunities through Partnership / M&A as part of the client's corporate strategy.